Santa Lucia celebration

  • Datum: Donderdag 13 december 2018, 08:00 uur tot 09:00 uur
  • Locatie: WTC Lounge, P.J. Oudweg 4, 1314 CH Almere
  • Kosten: Gratis

On December 4th, the WTC will be decorated again for Christmas and the spirit of Christmas is all around. But there are so many holidays that we can share with each other. Therefore we want to introduce you into some holiday celebrations that you may not have heard off, like Santa Lucia.

It is celebrated mostly in the Nordic countries and as the title says it is about a Saint called Lucia. Want to know more, check out the movie.

For us it means, being greeted in the morning by Lucia and her choir. We offer you warm glühwein and traditional biscuits. During Santa Lucia children receive presents and wouldn’t it be a nice gesture if you would also give some presents under our tree in the main hall that we can give away for the people relying on the VoedselLoket Almere?